Orientation Leaders

Meet your Fall 2020 Orientation leaders

“Hey guys! I’m a Senior biology major from Athens, GA! I love animals, especially my hissing cockroaches, Hank and Henry, as well as my chickens, my cats and my dog! I’ll be living in Gables Brookhaven this semester, so for those of you who are on campus, feel free to reach out to me! I’m super excited to meet you all and to see how our Oglethorpe community rises to the challenge of keeping everyone safe, healthy, and educated during these trying times. Remember, stay stormy!”

Daniel Cosby photo

“My name is Izzy Bedore and I am from Charleston, SC. I’m a sophomore here at Oglethorpe and majoring in Biopsychology on the pre-med track! A fun fact is that my sister and I both attend Oglethorpe! I can’t wait to meet all the incoming freshmen and look forward to getting to know all of you better!”

Izzy Bedore

“I’m an International studies major from Old Bridge, New Jersey and I’ll be graduating in 2023. This year I’m most excited to make new friends. A fun fact about me is that my dog Monster-truck Mayhem has one eye.”

Isabella Nangano photo

Class of 2022

Major: Biology

Hometown: Lawrenceville, Ga,

“I’ve met Tom Holland before, and most excited about getting to (virtually) meet all of the incoming freshman!”

Makenna Ponder photo

Class of 2022

Major: Biopsychology

Minor: Theatre

“I can do a perfect impression of Squilliam Fancyson from Spongebob. I’m most excited to see the incoming freshmen find their place in college and enjoy college life!”

Donovan Lewis photo

“Hey everyone! I am a psychology major of the class of 2021. I claim Lawrenceville, Ga as home, but originally I’m from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I’m actually this years SGA VP of Programming and the Head of Programming Board. *shameless plug* Don’t forget to run for Programming Board! The thing that I am most looking forward to this upcoming school year is taking my upper level psych classes.”

Michael Woods photo

“I’m a sophomore at Oglethorpe (class of ’23). I’m majoring in business admin with a minor in chemistry. I’m from Marietta, GA. I love to bake. I’m most excited to see new faces, partake in new experiences, and meet you all in person.”

Mykal Montgomery photo

“I’m a junior this year placing me in the marvelous class of 2022. I am a Public Relations major and a Politics minor from College Park, Georgia. Fun fact about me is that I’ve changed my major 4 times but it’s always gone back and forth between my major and minor. I’m most excited to be around my friends and back in the swing of school even though this is my second Zoom semester.”

Danyelle Briggs photo

“I am a sophomore, class of 2023, majoring in chemistry. I’m from Lawrenceville, GA. I am the co-captain of the cheerleading team and I’m most excited about meeting the incoming freshmen and being able to help them adapt with the transition into college life.”

Jennifer Williams photo

“Hey! My name is Becca, I’m a Junior Biopsychology major in the class of 2022. I’m from Brazil and I love all things nature. My favorite color is Green and my favorite flowers are lilies! On campus I am an Admissions Ambassador, Orientation leader, and I am the Vice President of Programming for Phi Delta Epsilon’s GA Alpha chapter! In this upcoming year I’m very excited to work with our wonderful faculty in the genetics class and to look at the current state of things through a scientific perspective!”

Rebecca Castro photo

“Hello! My name is Brenna and I’m in the class of 2023. I’m from Alpharetta, GA just a little bit north of Atlanta and I’m pursuing a Studio Art Major with a concentration in Medical/Scientific Illustration. I love bunnies and lavender and enjoy making handmade gifts and cards. I’m super excited to be back on campus this fall and hope that I and everyone else moving back will be able to stay healthy and safe.”

Brenna Alford photo

“I am a Business Administration major living in Atlanta, Georgia. I am going to be a senior this year and I will be graduating in 2021. I was born in Egypt but I have lived in the United States for 15 years. I am looking forward to meeting new students (new & current) this year because of how diverse Oglethorpe is. It really is a great environment to be in surrounded by different backgrounds and being able to learn about different cultures from fellow classmates. I also hope to get more involved with activities.”

Nour Meselhi photo

“Hey guys! My name is Kinslee and I am a junior on campus, class of 2022! I am from Statesboro, Georgia, home of Georgia Southern University. I am Majoring in Theatre and minoring in Shakespeare and Renaissance Studies. I am Vice President of two organizations on campus, the Panhellenic Council and Rehearsal Room C. I am super excited for Panhellenic recruitment this year and meeting lots of new people!”

Kinslee Polk photo

“Hello everyone! My name is Rhiannon Ewalt and I am a rising sophomore (class of 2023) at Oglethorpe University. I am originally from Los Angeles California, however, I graduated high school from a small beach town in coastal Alabama. A fun fact about myself is that I love to travel, I have been to over 26 states and three countries, and have lived in four states and two countries. This love of travel inspired me to choose my major in International Studies where I get to learn about the world from the perspectives of language, politics, and business. As Orientation Leaders, we have all been asked to answer the question of what we are most excited about this coming school year. The answer to that question is that I am looking forward to being apart of Oglethorpe’s first remote semester in history and to experience my education in a different form.”

Rhiannon Ewalt

“Hi!! I’m a senior this year with a major in Psychology and minor in photography, a fun fact about me is thaaat I have a twin sister and freshman year I met Post Malone in Edgewood! This semester I’m most excited to see what programs sga clubs and student life have in store for us!”

Ashley Wilbanks photo

Class of 2021

Major: Business

Minor: Biology

“My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies & cream (oreo). 2. I’m the only girl and youngest out of two boys. 3. I’m most excited about graduation.”

Morgan Davenport photo

Class of 2023

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Canton, GA

“I love dinosaurs and I’m excited to finally be back with all my friends.”

Kelsey Nesnick photo

“Hi everyone, I’m Zoë! I’m in the class of 2022 pursuing a major in Sociology and a minor in Communication Studies. I’m from Decatur and I love to try out coffee shops all over the Atlanta area (so if you ever need any recommendations, you know who to ask)! This upcoming school year may be a bit unconventional, but I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and learning again!”

Zoe Geiger photo

“Hey I am class of 2022, a biology major, I’m from Snellville Georgia and I love to dance. I’m most excited to see all the new Petrel faces!”

Alima Ba photo

“I’m in the class of 2023 and I’m majoring in Human Resources Management! I’m from Canton, Ga. and a fun fact about me is that my favorite dinosaur is a pterodactyl! What I’m most excited about for the upcoming school year is meeting my new professors via zoom and getting to be in class while in the comfort of my own room!”

Bella Lindeborg

“I’m class of 2023 my major is Biology I’m from Clermont, Florida and a fun fact about me is that I’m a dual citizen! I’m also excited about pursuing my education along side others who are determined as well!”

Bethany Cudnik photo

“Hey guys, I’m Deia! My class year is 2023. I am a Digital Media major with a Theatre minor. A fun fact about me is that I am also a dancer, I dabble in all genres of dance. I am most excited to meet new faces and to hopefully do some more shows later on this year.”

Deia McCorkle photo

“2023, Theater Major – I write stories on Wattpad and I can’t wait to make new friends and see old ones.”

Christina Conaway

“I am a rising senior (c/o 2021) majoring in Theatre and minoring in Film. I was born in Germany but I have lived throughout the US. I am an SGA Senior Class Senator, Campus-Outreach chair for Oglethorpe Singers, and the Treasurer of Alpha Psi Omega, Oglethorpe’s Theatre fraternity. I am excited to finally apply for grad school this year!”

D'Zerrea Richarte photo

“I am a sophomore, class of 2023. currently enrolled in a dual engineering pathway program at Oglethorpe, and I look forward to going into one of the partnering engineering schools like Georgia tech. I was born in delta state in Nigeria.”

Samuel Eboka photo

“Hello! I’m E Istre class of 2023. I’m a History major from Crowley, Louisiana and my last name is pronounced like East. For this year I’m most excited about online learning and the unique classroom setting it’ll bring.”

E Istre photo

“I am a sophomore and my major is Biopsychology pre-med. I was raised in Atlanta for most of my life. Fun fact about myself is I memorized over 40 digits of pi. I think I am most excited for the activities and events that we will have second semester.”

Mariama Abdoul Majeed photo

“I am from Norcross, Georgia and I’m a part of the class of 2022! I am a Communications major on the media studies track and minor in french. A little fun fact about me is I can do mediocre impressions of a bunch of famous people and characters. This school year I am most looking forward to living in a dorm again.”

Coja Jones photo

“Hi I’m Marie Stanford! I am class of 2023, from Stone Mountain, GA and I’m a Communications major. Fun fact: I was a Figure Skater for 10 years before coming to college. The thing I am most excited for this year is being a recruitment counselor for greek life and meeting all the new students.”

Marie Stanford photo

I’m a part of the Class of 2021, an Economics major, and I am the only left in my immediate family. I’m excited for my classes and to enjoy my final year at Oglethorpe.

Ashley Dodson photo

I’m in the class of 2023. I am a Theatre major from Johns Creek, GA. I was selected to sing the National Anthem at the NCAA Final Four game, but it was cancelled due to the shutdown. I am very excited to get back to living on this beautiful campus!

Joseph Scott

“What’s good? I’m Connor of the class of 2023! I’m a history and politics double major from Gwinnett County, and I can do 7 different accents (I also have a voice as deep as Zeus). I’m super excited to meet all the new Petrels and survive in the wasteland left by Covid!”

Connor McMahon photo