International Student Checklist

Welcome to Oglethorpe University. We are so happy that you will be joining our community this upcoming semester. Whether students live in the United States or abroad in another country and identify as an international student or not, we welcome you! This particular page of information is meant for those international students who require a visa to study in the United States including Rotary, Exchange, and Study Group Students. Our other international students who will not be applying for a visa of any type to study in the United States, should refer to the information located here.

Below is a checklist of items that you will need to complete prior to arriving at Oglethorpe for your first semester. It will tell you at which point in time during the enrollment process you should be working to complete something.

New International Petrel Checklist

Download Checklist

Check Your Progress!    progress bar_3

  1. Visit your Petrel Portal.
  2. Scroll down to the section marked “Forms.”
  3. A red “X” means an item has not been completed; a green check mark means you’re all set!
  4. Review each item for completion.
  5. Contact your counselor with any questions or concerns!


International Student Orientation is required for all new international students to attend. During that time we will provide information and participate in activities that are targeted to help newly arriving international students get settled and be prepared academically and personally for any required academic accommodations, the International Student Handbook, complete the FERPA Form, and complete required Campus Life Trainings. Additional details regarding times and locations for International Student Orientation will be sent to your Oglethorpe email account as we get closer to the start of the term.