Here are some common questions new students often have about advising and academic records. If you have more questions or need specific information about your situation, don’t hesitate to contact us at CompassAdvise@oglethorpe.edu

  • Every new first-year student entering Oglethorpe University will be assigned a Compass Advisor whose purpose is to help you identify, clarify, and achieve your education, career, and personal goals.
  • Your Compass Advisor is your mentor and friend that will connect you to what you need to survive and thrive your first year at Oglethorpe University and keep you on track to graduate in four years. After your first year at Oglethorpe University is complete, you will transition from your Compass Advisor to a major-specific advisor.

While your Admission Counselor is the expert on what it takes to get you admitted to Oglethorpe, your Compass Advisor takes over once you are here to be the expert on what it takes for you to graduate from Oglethorpe. Your Compass Advisor is here to help you during your first year to seek academic-professional-personal-social balance to get you started down the correct path toward your OU degree.

You will be assigned your Compass Advisor later in the summer. All Compass Advisors are specifically trained to assist with all the things that first-year students need to know in order to be successful. If you have a question about anything before your Compass Advisor has been assigned, you can contact at CompassAdvise@oglethorpe.edu or 404-504-1977.

Yes! All transfer students register for their first semester at OU with a transfer-trained advisor. Transfer students’ transition to a faculty advisor may happen after their first semester or first year at Oglethorpe, depending on credits earned.

  • If you experience ANY issues that prevent you from staying on track, go see your Compass Advisor. If you want to celebrate ANY successes, go see your Compass Advisor. Go see your Compass Advisor for any reason, and as many times as you need.
  • You should see your Compass Advisor at a minimum of FOUR times a semester. Please see below for the date ranges you should see your Compass Advisor this upcoming fall semester:
Initial visit – Required August
1st Follow up – “How am I doing?” Early September
2nd Follow up – Midterm Grades Mid-October
3rd Follow up – Finals Early November


  • Your Compass Advisor will help you stay on track to meet your degree requirements. All traditional undergraduates must complete the following things to graduate:
    • You must earn a minimum of 128 credit hours
    • You must complete the course requirements of the Core Program (36 credit hours)
    • You must complete the course requirements of a major (Number of credit hours vary by program)
  • All of you will have the same Core Program requirements (for more details about the Core Program, see http://oglethorpe.edu/academics/the-core/), but your major requirements will differ depending on your field of study. Regardless of your major, the completion of your major requirements and Core Program will not get you to 128 credit hours, so you will also take additional courses in order to graduate. Some of you will decide to pursue a minor (or even another major) with those credits, while others might decide to take electives of their own choosing to reach 128 credits. Your Compass Advisor will help you navigate these options.
  • Inside your OASIS account, you can run a degree audit for any degree program to see how the courses you have completed match-up to the requirements for that major program of study. Simply click on the “Program Evaluation” link in the OASIS for Students menu and follow the steps. The system will default to try and run the audit for your currently declared major, but you can also choose any major from the drop-down menu.

In OASIS, there is a dynamically searchable schedule of classes. Take the “Search for Sections” link and then use the search filters to find courses based on subject, time of day, instructor, etc. OASIS will show how many available seats there are in each section.

Located in the lower-level of Lupton Hall, the HUB is where you can go for updates to your academic record, financial aid counseling, or to make a payment on your student account. Most transactions can be done online via the HUB website here: http://hub.oglethorpe.edu/ or in your OASIS account, but you can also come by the HUB to talk through your need with a staff member.

Your fall schedule of classes are based on your academic interests, and will keep you on track to graduate in four years. As such, if you would like to change your major or minor, please discuss this with your Compass Advisor during your first advising session.

We will do our best to reach out to you if we must adjust your schedule because of credit that arrives after we created your initial schedule. You can always check your degree audit in OASIS to see if your credits have posted. If you see they have posted, but you have not heard from us and you have questions, reach out to CompassAdvise@oglethorpe.edu, and they will help walk you through the next steps.

The schedules are set today. However, before MAP Day is over, you will have the information you need to request a registration change tomorrow.  Rene Alvarez will personally review your records and respond to you within 5 working days.