Welcome to Oglethorpe!

Whether you are entering college for the first time, or whether you’ve got some classes under your belt, we are looking forward to helping you transition into Oglethorpe. Orientation will be one of the busiest, most exciting weekends in your Oglethorpe career, and we are happy to help you  get acquainted with our campus.

tate orientationAll new students are required to attend Orientation in its entirety.These sessions will prepare you for your time at Oglethorpe through student training, information sessions, and interactive programs. We have worked hard to provide our students with the most effective and relevant information during Orientation. You will be totally prepared to handle life as a new student at Oglethorpe after this weekend!

This year, we are happy to announce that we are welcoming a Harry Potter theme to Orientation!  Each new student will be assigned to an Orientation Group with an Orientation Leader (OL). OLs are upperclassmen students who have been trained to guide you through your Orientation process at OU. Feel free to use your OL as your own personal Oglethorpe Resource, as they have different student perspectives on our campus. Our OL team is excited to meet all of our new students and show you the magic that comes with being a Petrel!

We are also happy to announce that we are implementing an Outdoor Adventure Pre-Orientation Program from August 11th to 14th! Please check out the information provided below to get all of the details about signing up! This is a great opportunity to meet new students, move in early, and develop your leadership skills before starting your first year at OU. All are welcome to apply for the program, regardless of skill.

There are three categories of new students: First Year Students,Transfer Students, and International Students. Please check out the page that best represents your student status to find your individualized Orientation schedule. Also, continue to check your schedule throughout the summer for updates and changes. We will work to provide you with the most up-to-date information so you can come prepared.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to reach out to me! I am happy to help you through the Orientation process.

See you in August!

meAlexandra Yancey
Coordinator of Student Activities & Orientation



New Student Orientation Schedules

Front Page

First Year Student Orientation Schedule

Please use the link above to check out the First Year Orientation Schedule! Coming to college for the first time is a big step forward in your education. Rest assured that we will not leave you floundering! All of our Campus Life Professional Staff and our Student Staff will be available to help you as you transition. Please check out OU’s Website to make sure you are prepared for Passport, Move-In Day, and all aspects of Student Life at OU! 

Transfer Orientation Schedule
Transfer Student Orientation Schedule

If you are transferring to Oglethorpe, please use the link above to view your individualized schedule. We are so excited that you have decided to continue your education at OU, and we hope that Orientation will provide you with the resources to engage with our campus. Though you may have already attended Orientation at your former institution, we ask that you also attend our Orientation. This is the best way to meet new students and get connected to campus! Your OLs will help guide you through the process of transferring into Oglethorpe, so get ready to be connected to your fellow upperclassmen students!

4 Year International Orientation Schedule
International Student Orientation Schedule

Welcome International Students! Please use the link above to view your individualized schedule. You will be contacted by our staff to confirm your enrollment here at Oglethorpe. Coming to a new city can be overwhelming, but we will help you transition into our campus! All of our Orientation sessions are mandatory for International Students, so please use this time to connect with our OU students. Whether you’re staying for one semester or for your entire four-year degree, we are excited to welcome you to campus!