Our Seminars are experiential courses designed to help students become integrated into the Oglethorpe University community, develop a better understanding of the learning process, and acquire college survival skills. In order to graduate from Oglethorpe, every entering student must take a 1-hour seminar in their first semester. First year students take FYS 101: First Year Seminar and transfer students take OGL 101: Introduction to Oglethorpe.  Each course is taught by a faculty member with interest or experience in the topic and mentored by student leaders in the sophomore, junior, or senior class. These seminar courses give students the opportunity to develop new ideas while orienting themselves in the Oglethorpe community.

Key Components

While there are multiple seminar offerings, all FYS and OGL courses have certain things in common. No matter which section a student selects, they will be doing projects that relate to:

  • Developing skills and abilities critical to enhanced written and oral communication.
  • Acquiring knowledge and skills relating to ethical reasoning and decision-making.
  • Gaining knowledge and skills pertaining to the acquisition, critical evaluation and ethical use of information from a variety of sources.
  • Learning how to integrate knowledge from seemingly unrelated events or experiences in order to acquire a more profound understanding.
  • Becoming a contributing, responsible and engaged member of a community of learners.

Our Atlanta Program

As part of their FYS/OGL classes, the Our Atlanta program connects first year students with Atlanta’s world-class businesses and nonprofit organizations through a series Our Atlanta trips. These trips expose students to the culture and history of Atlanta, while drawing tangible connections between the classroom and the community. Locations and experiences are selected to coincide with the various FYS/OGL topics and have included trips to the Atlanta History Center, Blue Heron Nature Preserve, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, The Carter Center, the Coca-Cola Company Headquarters, The High Museum of Art, The King Center, Zoo Atlanta, just to name a few!

Peer Mentors

Each FYS/OGL course is paired with one or more student mentors. These mentors work closely with first year students, participating in Orientation and all FYS/OGL activities throughout the course of the semester. As established members, and oftentimes leaders in the Oglethorpe community, student mentors are an invaluable resource in connecting first year students with events, organizations, and people who match their need and interests.